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Bloomberg: what is the reason for the «roller coaster» in the oil markets

dezembro, 01 2023

Today, oil trading resembles a roller coaster, and trading bots are behind it, Bloomberg analysts suggest.In October and November, oil futures prices sometimes approached the $100 per barrel mark, then fell sharply to $70. In just one day in October, the futures price fluctuated by 6%. In general, in 2023, oil prices often changed by two dollars during the day – 161 times a year. Analysts point out that this is a huge volatility compared to previous years.What is happening cannot be explained on... Saiba Mais

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The share price of Coinbase has tripled in 2023

dezembro, 01 2023

Coinbase shares have shown impressive growth of 62% this year, reflecting the optimism prevailing... Saiba Mais

Canada's GDP in the third quarter unexpectedly fell by 1.1%

novembro, 30 2023

According to the Statistics Department of Canada, the country's economy in the third quarter of the... Saiba Mais