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Berita Ekonomi Terkini

Bloomberg: what is the reason for the «roller coaster» in the oil markets

Disember, 01 2023

Today, oil trading resembles a roller coaster, and trading bots are behind it, Bloomberg analysts suggest.In October and November, oil futures prices sometimes approached the $100 per barrel mark, then fell sharply to $70. In just one day in October, the futures price fluctuated by 6%. In general, in 2023, oil prices often changed by two dollars during the day – 161 times a year. Analysts point out that this is a huge volatility compared to previous years.What is happening cannot be explained on... Baca Lagi

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The pound sterling unexpectedly rose

Ogos, 17 2023

Inflation in the UK in July decreased by 0.4%, reducing the annual rate to 6.8%, which was the... Baca Lagi

Currencies of Australia and New Zealand fell to 9-month lows

Ogos, 17 2023

The currency markets of Australia and New Zealand were under pressure, which led to a decline in... Baca Lagi

Brent fell to $83 per barrel

Ogos, 17 2023

On Thursday, oil quotes showed a significant drop after the release of data on oil production in... Baca Lagi

China is rapidly displacing Germany in the EU markets

Ogos, 16 2023

Chinese manufacturers are strengthening their positions in the EU market, outpacing German... Baca Lagi