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Katie Wood named the best company in the field of AI

September, 22 2023

The head of the Ark investment fund, Katie Wood, said that she is a big fan of the British company DeepMind, specializing in the development of artificial intelligence.Katie Wood believes that DeepMind is one of the leaders in the field of artificial intelligence in the global arena. The company was founded in 2010 and became part of Google in 2014, after which it was renamed Google DeepMind.Wood claims that DeepMind has played a key role in the development of Google, doing research in the field... Read More

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Fed Raised Economic Forecast following Tax cuts

January, 04 2018

The Federal Reserve officials predict the reductions in corporate and personal taxes will step-up... Read More

Malaysia’s export growth slow increase in November

January, 04 2018

Malaysian exports are foreseen to increase at a slower annual pace compared to the prior month last... Read More

Minimum Wage Increase Could Lose 60,000 Canadian Jobs by 2018

January, 04 2018

The Bank of Canada published a new report regarding its projection for the Canadian economy. It... Read More

2018 Economic Outlook of Japan

January, 04 2018

Majority of the economists predicted that the economy of Japan will continue to grow this year.... Read More

South Korea Plans to Curb Korean Won Surge

January, 03 2018

South Korea aims to maximize the potential to raise capital outflows the Korean won as it continues... Read More